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Happy Monday everyone! If you’re looking for a good way to catch up on Law Street’s best stories from last week, look no further. In summary, web trolls got even nastier for the #TheTriggering, Donald Trump’s penis was unfortunately newsworthy, and underpaid NYC nail salon workers finally began being awarded back wages. Keep reading below for more on each top story.

1. Web Trolls & Men’s Rights Activists Step Up Hate for #TheTriggering

When I went on Twitter today to try to find something to write about for all of you, it didn’t take long before my eyes were assaulted by an onslaught of tweets filed under the trending hashtag #TheTriggering.

I mistakingly clicked on the hashtag’s title thinking that it was some kind of fan dialogue on the next lousy “Purge” movie or something, but quickly realized, no, its a bunch of men’s rights fanatics and internet trolls “back at it again with the bulls***t.” Read the full story here.

2. I’m so Sad I Have to Write About Donald Trump’s Penis

On Thursday night, something happened at the debate that deeply upset me. Donald Trump talked about his penis, and I realized I should probably write about it. Why, 2016 election cycle, must you make me contemplate things that I truly had no desire to think about? Why, Donald Trump, must you make insinuations about your dick size on national television? And why, America, must we be so enthralled with the borderline lunacy of this man that we then spend days talking about his penis? I am so very sad. Read the full story here.

3. NYC Nail Salons Ordered to Pay $1.1 Million in Back Wages to Workers

The investigation into the horrible working conditions of New York City nail salon workers seems to have finally followed through in awarding back wages to underpaid employees. In a follow up written by the New York Times, the paper reported that salon workers have been awarded $1.1 million in back wages and several hundred thousand dollars in damages. Read the full story here.

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