Law Street Media Teams with Growth for Good in Millennial Audience Alliance

John A. Jenkins

Founder & CEO


NEW YORK, June 27, 2017 – Law Street Media, the innovative New York- and DC-based digital-media company created three years ago to serve millennials, today announced a partnership with Growth for Good, a key player in government affairs consulting. This collaboration will offer a unique array of targeted digital services to clients in advocacy and politics.

As part of the new partnership, Law Street will offer its exclusive Millennial Audience Alliance (MAA) to Growth for Good’s influential client base. The MAA is a unique, audience-targeting platform that allows marketers to reach decision makers during critical consideration phases of the decision cycle.  The combination of Law Street’s millennial-centric content and the MAA’s targeting capabilities creates unprecedented opportunities for Growth for Good’s clients to reach politically active millennials with the most effective promotions possible.

Law Street began in late 2013 as a free, mobile resource for millennials interested in topical coverage of law and policy. Law Street and its social-media offshoots now serve millions of visitors in that favorable demographic. The company continues to expand into other areas of interest to its millennial audience. Growth for Good was founded in 2004 and is notable not only for its impressive client list but also for its culture as a women-owned, all-women-staffed consultancy.

Law Street Founder and CEO John A. Jenkins has a longstanding connection to Growth for Good’s founding partner, Katherine DeFoyd. The two previously worked together on behalf of an important non-profit organization in New York City. DeFoyd, formerly the director of partnerships for the Bertelsmann Foundation, also served as an informal adviser to Jenkins at Law Street’s inception, and enlisted his help on another digital start-up. Then, last fall, when Law Street announced its ground-breaking Millennial Audience Alliance, the two found common ground for the partnership announced today. “Katherine was listening to her clients and was clued in to their need to effectively reach millennial audiences, especially after the 2016 elections,” said Jenkins. “She was looking for a partner to lead her clients to America’s most engaged and politically active millennials – across the political spectrum. Then, after targeting millennials who demonstrate political involvement and activism, to get a message to them at the precise moment they are ready to act. And guess what? That’s exactly what we can do.”

In targeting politically active millennials, the MAA is the first intent-driven audience platform of its kind. Clients utilizing the MAA can reach a broad range of motivated and influential millennials in one coordinated, cost-effective campaign. Those who seek to reach other demographic groups can do so through Law Street’s companion platform, the Political Audience Alliance.

In addition to DeFoyd, Growth for Good’s team working with Law Street includes Lorraine Leong, a longtime leader in New York City health care who previously served as director of operations in the Office of the Manhattan Borough President.

Said DeFoyd: “At Growth for Good, we are all about building strength in organizations so they can make a better world. That’s our credo. With Law Street, we’ve not only found the most authoritative partner for what we want to do, but also one who truly shares our vision. We are enthusiastic to roll this out to our clients, and delighted to be on the cutting edge with Law Street.” 

About Law Street Media Law Street Media ( is a free web-based platform covering law and public policy. It was founded as a way to provide a single essential resource to law students and young professionals in the rapidly evolving legal industry. Read the press release about Law Street’s launch here, and see the Publishers Weekly story about the company here. Law Street’s Founder and CEO is journalist and author John A. Jenkins, formerly President and Publisher of CQ Press. Read more about John and the rest of the Law Street team here. Law Street Media now serves millions of online visitors, locates its editorial office in Washington D.C., and has business operations in New York City. Early in 2016, Law Street brought aboard numerous investors from the publishing industry. Law Street’s chairman, Ken Michaels, is the CEO of Macmillan Learning.

For more information about Law Street Media, visit and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

About Growth for Good Growth for Good ( provides strategic planning, fundraising, government relations, marketing and communications expertise so that organizations can focus on what they do best: good work. Our goal is to strengthen our clients’ abilities to effectively and efficiently serve their missions. While Growth for Good helps New York City nonprofits secure contributed income, we believe the value we bring to an organization goes beyond the dollars raised. Because we work with a limited number of clients, we can be highly adaptive and deliver uniquely tailored services. Our client list includes Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Care Center, Ryan Health Network, NJTV, New York Road Runners, Lower Eastside Girls Club, and the Center for Architecture Foundation, to name a few. Read about our all-women team here. We have deep roots in politics, public service, government relations, communications, fundraising, board development and strategic and business planning.


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