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Manufacturing Supply Chain Investigation Risks with Jennifer M. Driscoll

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Challenged by the pandemic, war, trade conflicts, natural disasters, consumer demand, and inflationary pressures, the global supply chain has drawn heightened scrutiny for its impact on the economy, the labor market, the delivery of goods and services, and national security. 

What have the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission had to say? Have they sufficiently addressed the issue? Any further measures in the works?  Are we seeing disputes in the courts? How can supply chain and manufacturing companies limit their risk of being subject to government investigation?  

Listen to my interview with Jennifer M. Driscoll, Counsel at Robinson + Cole, LLP, as we explore recent developments related to the manufacturing industry and supply chains and their impact on marketplace competition. 

Jennifer  focuses her practice on investigations, litigation, arbitration, mergers, and counseling. She has extensive experience in the medical devices, pharmaceutical, electronic components and automotive industries, with a particular knowledge of industries in Japan. An experienced commercial litigator, Jen defends corporations and individuals against alleged antitrust and anti-corruption claims, both civil and criminal. She is active in the American Bar Association’s Section of Antitrust Law, where she serves as Vice Chair of the Section’s Corporate Counseling Committee and Vice Chair to the Section’s U.S. Comments and Policy Committee during the 2022-2023 Section year. Jennifer received her J.D. from University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

This episode is based on Jennifer’s article — “Supplier Beware: DOJ and FTC Investigating Manufacturing and Supply Chains” for the Journal on Emerging Issues in LitigationGive it a read! 

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