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Employment Law in the COVID-19 Era with Stefani Schwartz

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More of us are working from home and, given it often has advantages, it’s an arrangement that is likely to continue for many of us.  This raised the general question: Is your home officially “the office,” with all the attendant rules and norms? What new risks do employers face? What new ways can employees find themselves in trouble? We’re also getting vaccinated. That’s great news, but can companies required employees to get the shot? Further, studies reveal that we’re not all bearing the brunt of remote working evenly. Who is carrying more of the load?  Given these dramatic changes, should employers adjust their policies?     

It was my pleasure to interview Stefani Schwartz, co-founder of the woman-owned employment-and-labor boutique Hatfield Schwartz in New Jersey. Stefani has devoted her legal career to representing employers in all aspects of employment law, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination matters. 

Stefani will be featured in the next issue of the Journal on Emerging Issues in Litigation, a collaborative project between HB and the Fastcase legal research family, which includes Full Court Press, Law Street Media, Docket Alarm and, most recently, Judicata. If you have comments or wish to participate in one our projects, or want to tell me how awesome Stefani is, drop me a note at

We hope you enjoy the interview, and a guest appearance by Benny, her Portuguese Water Dog, you know, because she’s working from home. Stefani also shares one retail customer’s quick fix for forgetting her face mask. 

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