Journalist Kim Wall Found Dead and Dismembered

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A woman’s torso found near Copenhagen appears to have been deliberately cut from the rest of the body, according to police searching for the remains of missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The remains have now been confirmed as Wall.

The discovery  came just a few hours after 46-year-old submarine inventor Peter Madsen, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter, told a closed-door court hearing in Denmark that he’d buried Wall at sea after she died in an accident onboard his homemade vessel.

The torso–which was missing its head, arms, and legs–was found by a passing cyclist Monday afternoon on the southwest side of Amager island.

“It is clear that the police, like the media and everybody else, is speculating whether this female body is Kim Wall, but it is way too soon to tell,” Copenhagen police spokesman Jens Moller told a news conference on Monday.

Wall, 30, was reported missing by her boyfriend August 11 after failing to return home from an interview with Madsen onboard his UC3 Nautilus submarine.

Madsen had confirmed that Wall had boarded his 40-ton, nearly 60-foot-long sub on August 10 when initially questioned by authorities, but swore that he dropped her off back on land in a remote section of the port of Copenhagen later that night, according to the New York Times. He quickly changed his story, however, after authorities discovered his sunken submarine off Denmark’s eastern coast.

Madsen now asserts that “there was an accident on board which caused Kim Wall’s death and that he consequently buried her at sea” in an unspecified location. But Danish investigators believe he sunk the crowdfunded submarine himself, possibly in an attempt to destroy evidence.

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