Crime in America 2016: Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Over 200,000

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Detroit is the most dangerous city with a population over 200,000 for a third year in a row. Although Detroit remains at the top of the list, its violent crime decreased by about 4 percent. Indianapolis, Indiana also makes its first appearance on the list this year at number 10. All statistics are based on 2014 data from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report. Check out the slideshow below for the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities Over 200,000.

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Baltimore, Maryland moved down one spot in this year’s rankings after a modest decrease of about 4 percent in the city’s violent crime rate. This change was fueled by a drop in the number of aggravated assaults, which fell by about 5.5 percent in 2014 to 4,213. The crime decrease in 2014 marks the eighth consecutive year of Baltimore’s downward trend in crime. However, that trend may come to an end in 2015, as several mid-year reports indicate that crime levels appear higher than in previous years. Riots broke out in Baltimore earlier this year after the controversial death of Freddie Gray while in police custody. Additionally, the city reported multiple months with unusually high murder counts so far this year.

Violent Crime Rate: 1,339/100,000 people
Murder Rate: 34/100,000 people
Population: 623,513
Officer to Population Ratio: 1:224
Rank Last Year: #6

Research and analysis by Law Street’s Crime in America Team: Kevin Rizzo, Alexis Evans, and Anneliese Mahoney.

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FBI: Violent crime, population, murder, and officer statistics, measured January – December 2014.

Baltimore, Maryland uses the FBI’s legacy definition for reporting rape. For more information, click here.

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