Law Street Media Attends the 2016 RNC & DNC For Live Coverage with a Millennial Eye on the Events


Law Street Media, LLC
Christie Jenkins

NEW YORK and WASHINGTON, Friday July 22, 2016. Law Street Media will be covering the 2016 controversial and contentious Republican National Convention and Democratic National Convention from the front-lines, providing viewers with not only breaking news but interviews with delegates, attendees and protestors. Law Street will be inside the conventions to update viewers on all coverage, especially key speakers, with a millennial eye on what makes this years candidates relevant and important for the pivotal millennial vote.

We want to bring the best in-depth coverage and ask the questions that other reporters are missing or not considering, says Anneliese Mahoney, Lead Editor for Law Street, I want Law Street’s coverage to be comprehensive but also highlight important moments and revelations that address law & policy for millennials.

Crime Editor Kevin Rizzo and Staff Writer Alec Siegel will be attending the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio beginning Monday, July 18 until Thursday, July 21. Lead Editor Anneliese Mahoney and Assistant Editor Alexis Evans will be attending the DNC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania beginning Monday, July 25 until Thursday, July 28.
Coverage can be accessed on Law Street Media’s website, as well as across our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and live video on our Snapchat Channel.
Law Street is an open-access web-based media platform covering law and public policy. It was founded as a way to provide a single essential resource to law students and young professionals in the rapidly-evolving legal industry. Read the press release about Law Street’s launch here, and see the Publishers Weekly story about our company here. Law Street’s Founder and CEO is journalist and author John A. Jenkins, formerly President and Publisher of CQ Press. Read more about John and the rest of the Law Street team here.

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