Law Street Reports on the State of Weed: Marijuana Legalization State by State


Law Street Media, LLC
Christie Jenkins

WASHINGTON D.C. & NEW YORK, November 1, 2016: Law Street Media (, the leading law and policy website for Millennials, today released the first comprehensive report analyzing the status of cannabis legalization and regulation in the 50 states. The report continues Law Street’s ongoing comprehensive and industry-leading coverage of the legal status of cannabis in America.

State of Weed: Marijuana Legalization State by State breaks down the status of marijuana legalization in each state, with information on each state’s laws regarding possessing, selling, and cultivating marijuana. This report not only presents the status of laws regarding marijuana, but also pending ballot initiatives on the legalization of weed across America. In nearly the entire American South, marijuana is illegal; in contrast, almost all states in the Northeast and West have legalized marijuana in some form. Currently 42 states and D.C. allow the cannabis plant to be used for some medical conditions.

Marijuana legalization is a hot button issue across America, and the continuous evolution of laws and policies concerning marijuana can be difficult to understand. In November 2016 marijuana legislation will be one of the main issues on different states’ ballots. California, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana. Florida, Arkansas, and North Dakota will vote on legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, and Montana voters will decide whether or not to ease restrictions on an existing medical marijuana law. Law Street has broken down the differing regulations state by state for the most comprehensive overview of marijuana laws.

Law Street aims to be the #1 source for law and policy news for cannabis in America,” states Anneliese Mahoney, Lead Editor of Law Street. “Not only is the information pertinent for medical marijuana users but also growing businesses in the marijuana industry. Law Street offers comprehensive coverage on cannabis legalization and regulation across all states.

According to Gallup polls, one in eight U.S. adults say they smoke marijuana and 58 percent of Americans believe marijuana should be legal. As cannabis initiatives continue to find traction and make their way onto ballots, understanding the intricacies of each state’s marijuana laws will become increasingly important.

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